About Northwoods Marketing Agency

Let’s face it.  Being a business owner is not easy.  You’re forced to juggle priorities, and oftentimes your own needs, and that of your business fall to the wayside.  At Northwoods Marketing Agency, we focus on you, your business, and what your business needs to continue growing.


Technology has drastically changed how businesses operate, and how they need to market themselves.  Northwoods Marketing Agency offers customized marketing plans, and solutions that give our customers the advantage they need to be successful.


Every business is different, with its own special needs.  Before we can help you, we need to get to know you, your specific needs, your strengths, and your challenges.  With Northwoods Marketing Agency, everything is customized to you, and your business.


Just a small town guy….
For me, it’s all about relationships.  I want to know my clients well, and I never want this business to become a place where clients have to take a number to wait for service or to speak with someone.  If you call, text or email, you’ll get a timely response.  I’m not here to sell you things you don’t need, or services that don’t work.  I’m here to help take the marketing burden off of your shoulders, and take the guesswork out of your marketing plan.


If you’re looking for personal service and someone you can trust with your business, you’re in the right place.


I am married with 2 kids.  I love the outdoors, which is why I chose to settle in the “Northwoods”.  I’m passionate about hunting, fishing, camping, coaching, and cheering on my kids, family, and friends.  I love music, and host a radio show every Sunday afternoon with my friend Mark, focusing on Rockabilly music.  I am a strong supporter of our military and first responders.  This passion led me to establish a nonprofit called the “Invisible Wounds Project” where we focus on the mental health, PTSD, and suicide issues facing our vets, first responders, and families.  Want to know more? Let’s talk!